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Sandefjord is a modern town with great variation. The town has an interesting history, beautiful nature and a variety of cultural happenings. Sandefjord is located 120km south of Oslo. Ryan Airs flights to Oslo (Torp) take you to our local Airport only 10 km outside the town centre.You will find the entire range of accommodation options in town and outside - high standard hotels, appartments and private rooms. The hotels have a long tradition an broad experience in ensuring you a pleasent stay and offers reasonable prices.

Overnight stay in Sandefjord

Sandefjord is a popular holiday destination. You will find a wide range of accommodation, and your hosts take pride in making your stay as comfortable as possible.

Foto: Anja Basma


Shopping enthusiasts can look forward to an easy-to-navigate town centre and short walking distances. The specialty shops are lined up one after the other among the beautiful horticultural displays. The shopping centre reigns majestic over Torget (the market place) and, at the opposite end of the town, you can find Bakgården where craftsmen have created a unique environment among the old wooden buildings. The bakeries offer sweet temptations, and the country’s oldest privately-owned fishmonger is a curiosity in itself.

Art and culture

Sandefjord is much more then a summer vacation destination. Throughout the year conserts, shows, exhibitions, theatre preformances and festivals are hold for both children and adults in the towns beautiful cultural venues.

Sculpture park - Midtåsen

Midtåsen, 2 km north of town, offers a dedicated pavilion and sculpture park where 16 works by the artist Knut Steen have been collected together. Knut Steen’s sculptures in interplay with the panorama of Nature, glass and concrete creates a unique art experience.

Sandefjord film

Sandefjord film

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